September 30, 2011

son of a wave

 <---- El'cat and my matching dinosaur rings (preferably 'ringz' - that Thug Life flavour)

Here are just a few more snaps from my Struisbaai weekend away, :) It's lovely to see the welcomed return of summertime - I'm sure you, like me, are overwhelmingly excited for the upcoming summer months. Nothing says 'good times' like some sunshine, no? 

Must say a mighty 'wow' for the two Matric dances that happened simultaneously last night. Parel Vallei and Paul Roos really pulled out all stops. I took a quick look at the Paul Roos one, held, of course in their massive gymnasium, to see my beautiful Peg'leg and her date, David. You looked amazing - truly drop dead! Although everything looked top notch and all kinds fancy I'm tenfold glad that my Matric dance was seemingly under-the-radar and relatively 'chilled out' - don't think I could have handled the amount of fuss I witnessed last night! 

Well, I'm all rested up (I went to bed at nine o'clock last night) and ready for this evening. Hope to see my people in full force! 

+ Have a fantastic weekend and remember to:
Stay young
Stay beautiful
Stay stupid 


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