September 25, 2011

The Wine Song

Returned and exhausted from our weekend away in Struisbaai - so fun!
This post is well named with regards to this past week, nicknamed 'The Festive Season' as it, of course, contained the ever important 18th birthday of Miss. Peggy de Villiers. Copious amounts of wine were consumed (as one can only imagine) and I even managed to buy myself a fantastic dinosaur ring - which has since become the symbol of EL'cat and my friendship, :)

More photographs of the past two days as well as raucous Wednesday night will follow. Here's one of my favourites of Wednesday though, for now.

Right now, however, I must report to the shower and wash quite rigorously to rid myself of yuckiness.

+ Good luck with the upcoming week! I've just found out, much to my dismay, that I will be attending that thing called school tomorrow which makes me heaps frustrated as my holiday mood is still in full force after this magnificent weekend. However, if this wave of great weather continues I will be obliged to have a great big smile on my face while attending to mundane school work tasks- I hope you'll feel the same :D


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