September 30, 2011

son of a wave

 <---- El'cat and my matching dinosaur rings (preferably 'ringz' - that Thug Life flavour)

Here are just a few more snaps from my Struisbaai weekend away, :) It's lovely to see the welcomed return of summertime - I'm sure you, like me, are overwhelmingly excited for the upcoming summer months. Nothing says 'good times' like some sunshine, no? 

Must say a mighty 'wow' for the two Matric dances that happened simultaneously last night. Parel Vallei and Paul Roos really pulled out all stops. I took a quick look at the Paul Roos one, held, of course in their massive gymnasium, to see my beautiful Peg'leg and her date, David. You looked amazing - truly drop dead! Although everything looked top notch and all kinds fancy I'm tenfold glad that my Matric dance was seemingly under-the-radar and relatively 'chilled out' - don't think I could have handled the amount of fuss I witnessed last night! 

Well, I'm all rested up (I went to bed at nine o'clock last night) and ready for this evening. Hope to see my people in full force! 

+ Have a fantastic weekend and remember to:
Stay young
Stay beautiful
Stay stupid 


September 29, 2011

September 27, 2011

resonation station

noun /ˈrezənəns/

1. The quality in a sound of being deep, full and reverberating
2. The ability to evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions

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These are just a few photographs from my amazing weekend away with the girls in Struisbaai. Friday evening saw us eat like kings at the local restaurant where these intriguing shots where a'shot. More to follow, don't you worry!
Best of luck for the week - I'm finding it immensely difficult to strive through this stupor. I've taken up The Da Vinci Code - and, as many have reminded me, I do know it is rather dated and was all the vogue in the early 2000s but I was a young thing back then and am therefore getting to it now and I must admit - antique or not - it is fascinating. 

BYE, x!

September 26, 2011

the story was spun like a web

+ right image via finewebstores

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September 25, 2011

The Wine Song

Returned and exhausted from our weekend away in Struisbaai - so fun!
This post is well named with regards to this past week, nicknamed 'The Festive Season' as it, of course, contained the ever important 18th birthday of Miss. Peggy de Villiers. Copious amounts of wine were consumed (as one can only imagine) and I even managed to buy myself a fantastic dinosaur ring - which has since become the symbol of EL'cat and my friendship, :)

More photographs of the past two days as well as raucous Wednesday night will follow. Here's one of my favourites of Wednesday though, for now.

Right now, however, I must report to the shower and wash quite rigorously to rid myself of yuckiness.

+ Good luck with the upcoming week! I've just found out, much to my dismay, that I will be attending that thing called school tomorrow which makes me heaps frustrated as my holiday mood is still in full force after this magnificent weekend. However, if this wave of great weather continues I will be obliged to have a great big smile on my face while attending to mundane school work tasks- I hope you'll feel the same :D


September 22, 2011

It's Peggy's and Grethe's birthday today!

Looking forward to the weekend away in Struisbaai!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend, :)

Happy birthday to Peggy and Grethe - had a lot of fun in Stellenbosch town last night as we celebrated the beginning of your eighteenth year!


September 20, 2011

This is what's new, Pussycat !

Aaaaah, I am WAY too lucky! I decided to treat myself to some Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry "Litas" and, you know me, I've fallen quick and hard in love.
They arrived in the post yesterday afternoon - when I picked them up at the post office, I was positively beaming!
As you can imagine, these babies (and they are my babies) set me back a pretty dollar, but I've compensated for this by saying that they're my Christmas gift... to myself... for the next three years.
True to form, I put them on, laced them up and shot these pictures yesterday evening. My current good mood has just quadrupled, what with the fact that I got me some snazzy shoes, exams finish tomorrow and Peg'leg celebrates becoming an upstanding citizen of the legal world on Thursday!


September 19, 2011

offerings to the sun god

I'm rather certain that I had a spiritual experience in the garden the other day.
Not so much now - seeing that the weather has digressed from Spring to instead resemble that abominable shade of grey we all hate so much - but on this day (the day these snaps were snapped), Spring-time was clearly in the air - so much so that you could even SMELL happiness, no lies, I swear it.

I do hope the good weather continues and thus the good vibes along with it :D

TWO SLEEPS - Aaaah, freedom is tangible!


September 18, 2011

my lion king

Went to see The Lion King on Thursday last week - first 3D film I've seen, really cool! Plus, because I grew up with The Lion King I have a massive soft spot for it! Also, and I am aware how lame this sounds, but for the entire duration of the film I could only think of my darling 'lion king' at home. I'm pictured here holding my bundle of joy, my dazzling gem, my French companion, Nougat.

Luck for the upcoming week - can't wait for Wednesday, eeek!


September 16, 2011


Just a taste of the classic letters Peggy (Nickname: Peg'leg - hints at a long life in pirate-land) writes for me in her spare time after an exam. Quite a character to say the least.

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You see, Peggy is this girl I know who:

2. Likes... MUDKIPSSSS
3. Hates GODWOD almost as much as me
4. Swims like a CHAMP!
5. Is a member of the SUBURBAN KNIGHTS (our super secret club that I totally just blogged about)
6. Likes Brazilians with Jesus tattooed on their chest - she likes em religious
7. Has a very cool brother!
8. Has an amazingly huge walk-in closet!
10. I love very dearly, :)

Have a special weekend, love you all, x

September 14, 2011

Old World Oleander

+ paul himmel

+ via: milan.milanovic

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Left images: my own
Right images: credited below each picture

September 13, 2011

softly, slowly

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+ via: forums.spacebattles

Images on the left are my own, the others - on the right - are credited accordingly below.

September 12, 2011

sweet mist

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September 10, 2011


My mother, so wisely, always reminded me that assumption is the mother of all f-ups - and too true is this.
I've experienced this tenfold this week, and have now learned what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this mounting problem. Don't assume things, it just ends badly. Really.

In other news! Incredibly grateful and happy that I was able to go out last night to old Stellenbosch town. I have also now realised the full consequence of cabin fever - and it aint pretty! I love this picture that Peggy took last night of El'cat and I - our friendship appears strangely Avatar-esque here, definitely not done intentionally!

Alright, back to studying Biology - endocrine system down, next up: Flowers as reproductive structures! Mmm, sounds like a party.


September 5, 2011

Tasty Sauce

(this isn't a Satanic statement, I swear it!)

Living for the 21st - OH EM GEE!

Had the loveliest little rendezvous with Mims and my new friend Dante in Strand on late Saturday afternoon! Seriously need to do it again - next time, with a little alcohol (please). Nothing nasty, just a lemonade and vodka, pleeeease!

Anyway, as mentioned above, I cannot wait until September 21st - the eve of Peg'leg's big eighteenth celebration! Should be a right raucous night :)

Watched Hitchcock's 'The Birds' on my Friday night (very riveting Friday I'll have you know, you gotta love them exams). Anyway, ignoring the unsettling-ness (new word?) of it as well as the ridiculous 1963 film special effects, it was actually a very cool (although lengthy) classic piece of motion picture. I suggest you put aside two hours and watch The Birds, culture yeself a little will ye?!

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Totally reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang now - just wish I had more time (bloody exams, grrr!)

...I'm complaining way too much in this post,
I'm off