August 30, 2010

Outfit of the Month - August

Okie dokie, 'Outfit of the Month' is now going to become a regular feature on Crazed. As you can tell, the name gives it away, it will be monthly. I'll shorten it to 'OOTM' in the future, just a heads up in case you FREAK out and don't know what's happening! I'm adding this feature because I would like, in the near future, to start a fashion blog. But you see I must always try remember that I am a school student of just seventeen and when on earth will I ever find the time for that venture? Ah, dunno. So we are mashing it all up into one happy party here on Crazed, everyone loves a party, right??
August is the month that we (hopefully) say goodbye to Winter, but knowing SA and particularly Cape Town, weather pattern consistency is rather hard to come by.
I got this stripey shirt/top on the weekend at YDE, and I really love it. It's got some really cool embroidery detail on the shoulders and is suuuper comfortable (remember girls; comfort, not, speed). Anyway, I'm feeling a little better about forking out R320 for that beauty because it is just that, a beauty.


August 27, 2010

fondest memories, most favourite people all in a jumbled sort of way

(an artistic piece of the past)

This post is a tribute to Polaroids. Polaroid is easily one of my favourite modes of photography, therefore continuing on the 'favourites' theme. I was quite upset when, earlier this year, I heard of the last Polaroid photographic paper entering it's next stage in life, that, being expiration. When Polaroid was at its so called 'height' it did not really seem the height of cool or fantastically sought after, in fact, it was taken rather for granted. I have always found a fascination with bygone eras and past antics, and, my interest and fondness of Polaroid proves no different. There is something so fabulous about the Polaroid, it is one of those rare things that when describing it I feel like I should use words like 'kiff' and 'rad' just because I think it all fits so well with the twentieth century 'world by storm taker'. I think what I love most is the spontaneity of the art form and the rapid transition from nothing in one second to (sometimes) a work of art in another. The snapshot effect is something I treasure. Besides the professional element of photography I believe it was actually in essence created for the masses to be enjoyed and to, inevetibly, record all those treasured moments that come and go all to quickly. With a photograph, a true-to-life rectangular box, this 'impossible' task is proven possible.

Impromptu shoot - Peggy's 2010

Impromptu shoot - Peggy's 2010

My favourite Melbourne lass - Home Studio 20o9

Pickwick & Smitty - Mystics 2009

A deceased fish named Clyde - Home 2010

A water week initiative - Stellenbosch Town 2010

Beautiful best friend since age 2, Monique - Home Studios 2009

Best friend Ellen - Somewhere upon the Mediterranean 2009

Bongi - On the side of the N2 May 2010

Pablo the cat - On location for project shoot 2010

Adventure to Struisbaai - Struisbaai & Agulhas March 2010

Adventure to Struisbaai - Cape Agulhas March 2010

Mystical Mission - Mystics, Stellenbosch 2010

Back to Basics Camp - February 2010

Valentine's Day - Home Studio

World Cup 'Gees' Collection - Home Studio 2010

Before Vensters - Agnew House 2010

'Zebra on the Deck', Anna
- Pringle Bay Beach House 2009

'Alci', Justin - Pringle Bay Beach House 2009

Bongi as a reindeer - Christmas at Home 2009

Cousin Justin - Christmas at Home 2009

Baking Gingerbread Men - Christmas at Home 2009

Killers Concert! - Some Wine Estate in December 2009

NELL, Mr. Gregory & Clem! - The Crystal Cruise Ship 2009

'Sunflowers from a waterless world'
Georgi, Me & Mich - Trek 2008

Me as a little girl. In a bath. Ha. - Pringle Bay Beach House

Me & Georgi - Currie House 2008

A puddle of Clovers!
- Mission with Storm, Rebecca, Tessa and Adam.

Me & El - Mykonos 2009

My Eyes? - Home 2008

Grandeur - Havana, June 2010

Less Grandeur - Havana, June 2010

Palmy - Trinidad, June 2010

'Sporting' Gavin - Home Studio (30 days til WC)

Finally Here! France vs. Uruguay - Greenpoint Stadium, June 2010

French Goalie - Greenpoint Stadium, June 2010

Spotty - Cheetah Encounters, Spier, May 2010

Gooi-ing the gees! It's AYOBA time
- Somerset College 2010

France vs. Uruguay (Ayoba) - June 2010

The Old Potter - Turkey, July 2009

My mother - Home Studio

My gorgeous cousin, Maria - Home 2009

Gavin - Mr. Pickwicks, Long Street, May 2010

An all time favourite, Ellen - Agnew House 2009

Easily one of my favourite Dutch people (Yes), Nick
- Lewis Museum, Stellenbosch Town 2010

Lasted me since 7th grade and still going strong!
My All Stars, Sam&Son - Kalk Bay 2010

Another all time favourite, PEG'LEG
- Onderpapagaaiberg Park

E'dawg - Agnew House 2009

Die Antwoord Gig - Klein Libertas Theatre 2009

Summer vibes - Home 2009

'Let's do something obscure in front of Jesus.'
Me & Ellen - Greece 2009

My dad and I, The Coolest Cat! - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2008

PS. And the best thing about it is that you can take the crappiest picture but it almost looks cute and frame-worthy! An admirable trait I'd say. Haha.

You too can feel apart of pop culture history! To do so visit: to download the application to make your own artistic pieces of the past.