June 30, 2011

peaches & cream

So excited for our (family and I) long weekend adventure away to the Cederburg leaving early tomorrow morning and coming back Monday.
Bound to be freezing, but nothing that a little hot chocolate and a hot water bottle can't fix! Won't be blogging until my return on Monday so it's goodbye for now :)

+ Be sure to check out The Red Robins at their next gig on this upcoming Monday (4th July) at Mercury! For more information about this wonderful new local band click for their Facebook bandpage here.

June 28, 2011

finally feeling the stitching of beautiful seams

 --------------- ▲▼ ---------------

You may ask what I've been up to during the last few days.
I'll break it down for ye:

(One), cleaning out my "study" - I say study in inverted commas because not a whole lot of studying ever got done in that dingy room. Anyway, cleaned it out and converted it to a library! The pictures at the top are all of our new home-for-books.
(Second), crashing Matric dances.
(Third), failing driving tests after a tasty 2 minutes 28 seconds on the yard because I reversed into a pole!
(Four), dressing up like a bird because I just wanted to.
(Five), telling everyone that I'm taking my cat to the Matric dance - he totally gets me, okay?
(Six), congratulating El'cat - at least one half of the Jess & Ellen Show is mobile! 
(Seven), meeting people from Jo'burg, bra! (Said in an annoying Gauteng twang)
And (eight), discovering awesome cool band - Tilly and the Wall - who have, instead of a drummer, a tap dancer!

+ The title of this post - finally feeling the stitching of beautiful seams - are lyrics from Rainbows in the Dark by Tilly and the Wall. Very lovely lyrics I think, :D. This is my favourite song of theirs, to listen to it click here.

June 11, 2011

mzansi, you beauty!

+ painting of tshabalala by ellen agnew

                           // I'm sure we can all remember what we were doing on this day exactly a year ago :)

Waking up to the sound of vuvuzelas and saying things like 'ayoba!' everyday seems like a pretty neat way to spend a day. Ah, love being South African!

I'm going to keep it short but what I really want to say is let's keep flying our flag and being proud of this beautiful country we call home :D

June 10, 2011

a clouded mind sees nothing

                          // I think I've lost it.

Now that I have an occasional break from going to school with study days etc. I find it so difficult to get up in the mornings. It kind of worries me because it feels like I'm not doing something that makes me want to get up, which, has an inkling of truth in it because male reproductive organs do not make me want to jump out of bed and embrace the new day with a resounding 'hoo-hah!' - contrary to what you might think of an adolescent girl who spends more time on the internet than in the real world. Basically, it's like this: the chaos of my dreams are more enticing than reality right now.

I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but I got a new fish! So, I'm back at two again! After the tragic and sudden death of Bonnie, poor Clyde was left a-swimmin' alone in the vast glass vase he calls home. But! I am happy to say that he has a new friend, who is yet to be named but any ideas are welcome. I'm putting my two fish - Clyde and Nameless - on my desk to watch over my studies. Quite a good way to harness ones Chi I'd say.

For some one trying to control their energy flow, I'm quite the blabbermouth today!



June 8, 2011


                          // We'll call these Queen of Hearts, ha!
So! Guess what!

I drove all the way from school to home! Cut out like a mother-bitch on Bredell Road, but that's not important!

So upset that our dear dear friend Peggy can't go to the Matric Dance. But, we will try our best to twist arms and get you there looking fabulous as always :D

A big thank you to MIA for getting all our Plett rage stuff sorted, we all know I'm a useless organiser and should stick to less demanding business, like, photography!

June 7, 2011


                          // I'm back bitchezzz,
Our internets been down for days which would explain the cyber-silence on my side. But, I am happy to report that we are all sorted now which means I can happily blog once more :)

These pictures are an assortment of sorts. Most of them are film photographs taken at the Reddam Derby day, at my father's house in Franschoek and the inside of the Mercedes-Benz we 'stole' for three days.

I'm writing History Paper II tomorrow so must get to studying popular protest! Yay!

That's all for today, but definitely more work in line for upload tomorrow! Won't be as scarce as the last four days, promise!