May 31, 2011


+ mia le roux
+ mia le roux

                          // I love you cats,
I fucking hate studying, maaaaaaaaan.

My eight day vegetarian thing ending today :(, I seem to have no control over anything anymore.

+ This is a great song (operation by jamie t); to listen to it click here!

May 29, 2011

beautiful eyes

+ weeping rose

                   // Before I scurry off to go do something of actual substance, I'll summarise the last few days.

In one word? 

Friday - like I mentioned in a previous post - saw the return of Peggy de Villiers to glorious Cape Town and the beginning of many many good times :D 
It was my bestest of best friends' birthday yesterday and she turned the big one eight. She was kind enough to let me tag along to the mother city to visit Charly's Bakery to pick up her magnificent cake and then onto the National Museum to view the current Tretchikoff exhibition which is something I highly recommend you do for general perusal and mind gym (art is fun!) 
Skelmbos lived up to its name last night (or we lived up to the name, I forget). However it transpired to be one for the books. 


Just had to get that out of my system...

                Loves! x!

+ For more information about the current Tretchikoff exhibition click here.

May 26, 2011


                           // So glad I have the day off tomorrow!
PLUS, my darling Peg'leg is returning home from boarding school in Durban..wait for it... FOREVER! So so happy to have my beautiful friend back in the Cape :D

Exams start with a bang on Monday, not ecstatically beside myself with that prospect but we'll deal. From there it's all down hill I'm afraid. June is proving to be an impossible month for Jones. 

Let's break it down:
1. Exams
2. Stellenbosch University Access Tests
Duh duh duh duuuuuuh,
3. Driver's

My my, rough stuff. However, I've got a myriad of wonderful Bloc Party tracks to pull me out of my wallow-ful state and into a mood resembling something a little more uplifting.

This whole 'putting-pictures-together-and-rotating-em' thing is obviously something I like to do lately. Lolz, it brings out the absolute best regarding my Photoshop skillz (yes, skills with a 'z') - which, as we all know are very limited. EXHIBIT A ↑



May 23, 2011

'your tarot card reading, sir'

                         // NEW HERO: Michal Kruger!
Well done on winning the Somerset College Photography Competition, you deserve it M'dawg! 

I'd like to go to the Matric Dance with teenage Tom Riddle, YUM. 

Or mgmt's Andrew

Ai ai, a girl can dream :D

May 22, 2011

dinner with dark

                            // Interesting week this has been,
School was lame besides the fact that it was artz week this past week which made for some entertaining shenanigans.

I want to say a big up especially to all the 'battle of the bands' contestants because I think performing arts are not for the fainthearted at all! Those kids in grade eight blew my mind, truly. I think it's super cool how industrious kids are these days, I  mean, when I was thirteen/fourteen I frequently played dress-up (I still do though, so this is irrelevant) and often attempted doing my own hairdressing stints on myself which I wish were a little less memorable. However, the point of the matter is that at that tender age I wasn't starting bands, writing songs about my love life and performing them to a sea of faces. No, I sat at home every weekend enjoying the movie specials on etv (yes, I do not have dstv).


I'd love to read tarot cards and play the harp!

+ subjects: Ellen Agnew & Jessica Jones

May 18, 2011

the DA is not only a cool party to vote for, it's also a really hip and cool way to say 'the'

                         // Good evening gentle-people!

These are some stills from a sequence I shot today for my 'short films' compilation (yes, that's me in the crazy tights!)
I'm too tired to chat, goodnight! x!

May 17, 2011


+ via: gumdlach

+ via: retropetite

                       // My mum calls it the 'bad dragon', that thing, in your subconscious, lurking around telling you horrible things incessantly like you're not good enough, pretty enough, charming enough (you get the idea) until, unfortunately you give in to it and start believing its wily ways. 

Well, I let my 'bad dragon' win on Friday evening. And have felt it a creepin' up all week until this afternoon in fact, when driving in an old mercedes-benz round town - that I'm wondering if my 'steppino'* is actually allowed to be driving because we don't know who it belongs to. Anyway, when Greed by a certain Yoav started playing on the radio, I will admit the crafty means music gets under ones skin performed a miracle work on me today. AND THANK GOODNESS FOR IT.

∴I would like to report that a particular Miss. Jones is back in business.

[*steppino is a name my mum's partner calls himself. He claims it is his special Italian way to describe himself as my stepfather.]

May 11, 2011


                       // Hellishly late but here nonetheless!
As you can see, these are all from Carnival - or Jool - earlier this year, held in Stellenbosch on behalf of the university.

This day makes me think of Avril Lavigne... El'cat knows what I'm talking about!
A very fun day filled with too many boys, too much sun and too many lemonades and vodkas.

THEREFORE, a grand day!

May 8, 2011

this panda sh-sh-sh-shakes!

                       // Some of my favourite shots from Saturday night. Was a rather fun night at Mystics if I may say so! These are all courtesy of our very own paparazzo, Mia le Roux :D

Happy mothers day to my mum, very special woman, close to my heart! 

I, however, am off to bed now. Matric dance date-less and bloody exhausted from not enough sleep last night (thank you to Mia for stealing the duvet so my feet got cold as well as for your excellent biting spree at two this morning!)

Very cool jamming with El'cat, Mims, Chris (x2), AB, Michael, cool waiter from sushi place that swore a lot (neat!) etc. No squid fingers though, boohoo haha.

'You are such a tease!'