August 30, 2011

centaurs & other impossible things

I feel like I'm beginning to start every post with a 'craziest week!' kind of comment, or a remark most definitely derived from something to that effect.
But, I fear, it is the truth you see. Mock exams started (officially) yesterday but I've been in that grumpy mood that tends to be synonymous with exam time for probably close to two weeks now. At this time I am just a JOY to live with. Truly.

+ Incredibly and unbelievably happy that my mock drama practical exam is done and dusted as of last night. Was actually a vaguely enjoyable evening I might even say. Nothing better than flapping about like a mad thing on stage now is there?
(We acted like birds)
What can I say? Performance arts - shit gets weird! It's safe to say I will never be the same bashful lass I was three years ago.

Anyway, these pictures are some follow-ups to those previously posted. I don't want to say anything more 'cause shit tends to get a little awkward when you're half naked prancing about like a Greek mythological creature. Or is it just me?

Have a great week, minions! Meeeow! (Because my animal spirit is a cat, kids)


August 25, 2011

Lady in the Water

Not feeling particularly moody or sad - as these pictures might suggest. 
However, today was on the odd side of things (but this I don't really mind after all) 
For some reason these photographs remind me of an M. Night Shyamalan (pronounced: shamamakshdldndjdjdlda) film, hence the name 'Lady in the Water'. 

 Enjoy them - be seeing you!

+ NEWS! Totally going for my first astrology reading tomorrow - stay posted for upcoming info on that. Should be interesting, should it not? 

------------------ ▲▼ ------------------

"Cruisin' at 15km/h round this town. Thug life, bitchez"
Went for an excellent 'drive-by' round old Stellenbosch town yesterday afternoon/early evening with my favourite gangster the El'cat. Must admit, (and this is lame as hell) but I am just infatuated with the fact that we can now drive around and moan about our mums (sorry!) WITHOUT THEM BEING IN THE CAR! It blows my mind! Whining just got mobile, kids!

+ My ten-year-old cousin getting GANSTAAA

Our revolution is a-spreadin', El!

August 22, 2011


So, I've decided something.
From now on, I'm living life with regards to my favourite songs at the moment. What's weird about this, is that they're all performed by French artists - auspicious much? I mean, I've always rather enjoyed the idea of French lifestyle. For starters, I have always had an unusual affiliation with croissants - flaky, cakey pastries DO IT FOR ME! Second, I think rude people are liberating, and, let's face it, the French are renowned for this teeny tiny detail associated with their demographic. Rudeness is underrated - I bet they always get what they want! Us lousy nice people get nothing done! And third, I should just become an honourary French person because my cat is French - done! 

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Onto my three French songs!

Numéro un: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf
It means, 'No, I have no regrets' - isn't that lovely?! Reminds me of my Mandela quote a few weeks back, don't it?! 

Numéro deux: Je Danse Donc Je Suis by Brigitte Bardot
This one means, 'I dance therefore I am' - isn't that just the cutest?! PLUS, Bardot is one cutey-pa'tutey! 

And finally.
Numéro trois: Bitch by Plastiscines 
Which means, bitch? 
... This one's probably my favourite - I'm finding rudeness endearing these days (?)

+ Hope everyone's Monday wasn't too mundane
Good luck with the rest of the week!

PS. I hear the French are totally good at kissing - see?! I should be made honourary French person immediately (JUST SAYING) haha! 


August 21, 2011

I dare you to...

I think people should speak their minds more often.
Especially when it comes to validation - that's all anyone wants, pretty much ever. Validation within a work environment, a 'job well done' from your boss or a 'your hair looks pretty like that' from a friend. I think everyone should begin to make a conscious effort to validate some one spectacular TODAY - might be too late tomorrow. I dare you to tell some one the truth (it's bound to come out one way or another - although, sometimes it's good to be blatant about things... ask the Germans)

Well aren't I philosophical this evening? Haha. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I know I did. Had a lot of fun with El'cat, Peg'leg, Mims, Stefan, John and the works. A job well done for a great Saturday night, brothers :) SEE, VALIDATION IS KEY! That rhymes, too!

Enjoy this upcoming week (if at all possible) and remember a dare is a dare!


August 15, 2011

kids with kaleidoscopes

Yoh, quiet for the first time.
Don't have anything nice to say, so won't say anything at all.

August 9, 2011

symbols of sex

Yay for boobs!
I love being a woman, driving boys bonkers is a treat everyday :)

I hope you ladies out there have a splendid wonderful day!


August 7, 2011


Don't have heaps of time to shoot new stuff so we're doing a little bit of retro-recollections on Crazed!
So, what we have here is a small dose of 1) me channeling a sailor/army general, 2) an in depth look at 21st Century boys, yeah, you know who you are and what I mean, 3) looking oh-so-hipster, it's a joke! and 4) some snappy-snaps from Donny & Gavin's wedding in February - one of my favourite days to date this year! 

Shaky Panda and Mal Piet (don't ask) hit me hard last night! Had an excellent night, though :). How many people can say they had a fat chat with their LO teacher in MacDonalds at 2:30AM who then proceeded to buy us all cheese burgers?! 

 ----------------- ▲▼ -----------------

All I can say is :

Girls are terrible
Boys are wonderful

(Don't forget!)

August 6, 2011

oh me oh my

Cool cats, make your way down to Mystics tonight for the MUCH ANTICIPATED PandaMonium 4 !

... I'll be there?

So excited! Cannot wait! All my girls coming over just now, :D. Haven't blogged in ages (sorry)! Feel like I have absolutely no time for cool stuff (like blogging!) anymore. Damn school! Oh well, just a little while longer and then Miss. Jones is a free little lady!

Please take care of all the beautiful women in your life this weekend - friends, mum, girlfriends, wives, aunts etc. They sure do deserve it :) My date for the Matric dance, a certain Mr. Christian Junker, posted this video the other day and I think it's very apt with regards to Tuesday aka Women's Day.
+ Visit his blog here.