March 31, 2011

RA-RA-RASPUTIN (and other oddities)

Some photographs of my recent trip to Germany & Russia (for more photographs click here)

                  // Returned yesterday from my ten day history tour trip to Munich, Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg - needless to say extremely exhausted and rather moody. 
After showering and putting on a decent one layer of clothing as opposed to the hefty six that Russia required, I felt vaguely like a human being again. I then preceded to see ol' PEG'LEG on a short visit down from boarding school in Durban in town last night - well worth it indeed! However, I did start fading round 10 o'clock and needed a tequila or two to boost my spirits which did nothing but make me wobbly on my heels.
Best part of the night however is definitely when a stranger at BP saw my tired state and told me that at least I was breathing. I have no idea what that means but thank you BP stranger, you provided me with giggles. I THEN BOUGHT TWO CHOCOLATES AND HAD TEA AND WENT TO BED. 

Congratulations to Mia for passing her driver's and El'cat's debut at Artscape! Missed you kids :)

I be ramblin'. 

I'm going to go watch The King's Speech now. Don't worry I will tell all about it because I have no life. Only a blog. And no, it isn't the same thing.


March 18, 2011


        I'd just like to take the time to thank everyone for making my eighteenth special, I know it's not near to over but I won't get the time later for sure!
I love each and every one of my friends, family and followers you are great and therefore get a virtual kiss on the cheek!
Tonight is going to be spectacular, everyone come to town (Stellenbosch) and let's get mad :)

Here's something to get you excited for the weekend and holiday (for some of us lucky school go-ers that get a DESERVED break)

P.S Keep an eye out on the 'adolescents at large - travelogue' page at the top for photographs of upcoming trip to Munich, Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg!


March 17, 2011

last day of magic

       Good evening fair followers and the interweb world at large!
I'm writing this blog-post on the eve of my eighteenth birthday and my entrance into 'adulthood' overall (not like I haven't been practicing all that entails, ha) but nevertheless I think it's cool to acknowledge milestones in life even if the thought makes your skin sizzle with dread and fear. 

March 14, 2011

growing up in the '90s

So, my 'big day' is just around the corner and I'm getting excited:)
I've been waiting for 18 years to flash this legal ID in yo faces, BITCHEZZZ! Too excited for words, so, I'll show you my 'excitedness' in a picture (because I'm just so much more apt at doing that, aren't I?)