January 27, 2014


Pringle Bay, Knysna and my small baby cousin Sebastian.

January 22, 2014


Although I've loved Blogspot as a blogging platform for years now, I've decided to join the rat race that is Tumblr. Apparently my photos have that 'tumblr vibe' (whatever that means). However, slightly unnerving that a drunken photo of me and my babes has gotten upward of 50 notes on it after just one day, I think all-in-all Tumblr is a step forward. Well, anyway, it seems fun enough.

Please follow me!

As I was typing 'platform', I accidentally mistyped by adding a 'y' instead of a 't'. 'Playform' -- what a cute alternative!

January 14, 2014


After spending Christmas in Pringle Bay, I drove up with Diamonds to beautiful Knysna to meet up with Matty and his family. So much food, fun and champagne!