September 20, 2011

This is what's new, Pussycat !

Aaaaah, I am WAY too lucky! I decided to treat myself to some Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry "Litas" and, you know me, I've fallen quick and hard in love.
They arrived in the post yesterday afternoon - when I picked them up at the post office, I was positively beaming!
As you can imagine, these babies (and they are my babies) set me back a pretty dollar, but I've compensated for this by saying that they're my Christmas gift... to myself... for the next three years.
True to form, I put them on, laced them up and shot these pictures yesterday evening. My current good mood has just quadrupled, what with the fact that I got me some snazzy shoes, exams finish tomorrow and Peg'leg celebrates becoming an upstanding citizen of the legal world on Thursday!