April 16, 2013



This year's Easter - possibly one of the more stranger holidays I've had, yet, definitely one of the more enjoyable ones - I was in Port Alfred of all places with the Bradley family visiting Matty's brother, Jono, who is at flight school in the small town. 

The house we stayed in was kitsch-kitted out hot mess, complete with a lazy Susan, sea world taxidermy efforts and what I can only imagine was a three-piece Jane furniture set purchased from Bears or Ellerines. Fantastic. 

I got drunk in what looked like Port Alfred's only decent dive bar, got stared up and down by all the boys present (as, I was told, girls are few and far between in the dorpie of PA) and experienced first hand the crazy drunkenness of South Africa's prospective pilots. The future looks turbulent (excuse the pun). 

On our journey home, we stopped off at Matty's grandparents in beautiful Knysna where we explored The Heads, discovered the myriad of thrift shops the small seaside town has to offer and sipped on delicious coffees from Mon Petit Pain and devoured one of the best pizzas I've ever had at Chatters.

April 14, 2013


On Wednesday morning my beautiful new baby cousin, Sebastian - since nicknamed "Sebby-bear" by yours truly - was born and I couldn't have been more excited or felt more blessed! THEN, THINGS GOT BETTER GUYS. I thought: 'how funny would it actually be to enter the lotto?' So I raced to the nearest store, bought my ticket, returned home, put on my lucky gold cat from India and waited for the results. I guessed four correct numbers and won a whopping R162! GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!

April 8, 2013



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