September 27, 2011

resonation station

noun /ˈrezənəns/

1. The quality in a sound of being deep, full and reverberating
2. The ability to evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions

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These are just a few photographs from my amazing weekend away with the girls in Struisbaai. Friday evening saw us eat like kings at the local restaurant where these intriguing shots where a'shot. More to follow, don't you worry!
Best of luck for the week - I'm finding it immensely difficult to strive through this stupor. I've taken up The Da Vinci Code - and, as many have reminded me, I do know it is rather dated and was all the vogue in the early 2000s but I was a young thing back then and am therefore getting to it now and I must admit - antique or not - it is fascinating. 

BYE, x!

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