February 26, 2012


So I got featured in this cool site called Liebenpix - have a look-see:

Also; I think people think my second name is 'Kempton'. This makes me very mortified and sad - I'd like everyone to stop thinking my parents were retarded and had a HUGE lapse in judgement and just decided to christen me with an awful second name like Kempton. They're really nice people. It's part of my last name, it's double-barrel which also means (in layman's terms), I'm EFFING FANCY.

Glad I got that off my chest. 

And one more thing before I go: tone is very difficult to judge over the internet so just take that all with a pinch of salt.

Bye! xx

February 24, 2012


+ Taken in a Munich war-time museum, 2011

Some photographs of my family, many many moons ago:

Listen to this wonderful song, please:

Have a beautiful weekend - I'm off to Cape Town this evening, if any of you cats are partying it up in the Mothercity tonight, let a girl know :)


February 22, 2012


According to Happy Endings, Wednesday is the least sexy night of the week. I think I'm going to have to agree, but only half/half. See, I haven't been having the best of days thus far (an understatement), however, I am convinced my luck will change this evening. Most probably due to copious amounts of wine and music that begins to sound more like a persistent droning in the background as a result of before mentioned substance. Any which way you look at it, shit has got to get better. Until then though, I yearn for some luck and a little courage. I WANT TO BE BRAVE, even if just for the day. 


February 19, 2012



 “From ancient times the lotus has been a divine symbol in Asian traditions representing the virtues of sexual purity and non-attachment



February 17, 2012


I often think fondly of my childhood, and for some reason all my memories revolve around gardens.
I think it's apt: because we are natural things; what once came from the earth should surely return.

These were all taken at the Botanical Gardens yesterday in Stellenbosch - one of my favourite places. It's so beautiful and nostalgic and fantastic it makes me want to cry. 


February 16, 2012


Nicola turned nineteen. We went to Cape Town. There was tequila (I think). Fraud on my bank account. Mia suffered one of the worst hangovers I have ever witnessed. Met tickets were lost. Met tickets were gained. We stayed in fancy apartments. And above all, I learned that my hand brake doesn't work effectively.

Also; I miss Mia! I hope you're having a ball up in Limpopo Province :)


February 13, 2012


On the eve of Valentine's Day I feel I need to take stock of my romantic life. What a mighty laugh.

It's actually quite hilarious how, the boy I most enjoy of late (and who is also responsible for giving me the largest hickey I, and many others, have ever seen) is my gay best friend. He wrote this lovely little blog post about me the other day, and so, I've written this one in return to say: I think I'm in love with YOU, Dante :) Shit is most definitely getting very real. 

Here are a few pictures I've trolled off the internet, illustrating my love for love:

+ Roman Holiday, 1953

+ V-J Day, Times Square, 1945

+ Amelie, 2001
+ Amelie, 2001

+ Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

+ Lolita. 1962

+ Lolita, 1997

+ Roman Holiday, 1953

+ Roman Holiday, 1953

+ The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, 1907-1908

And, you guessed it - I love YOU :) xx