July 27, 2010

Some days I am more productive than others

If you have any inkling of class, you'll read these books.

Hey look! I made a collage! I don't feel like studying for Learner's. grr.

July 26, 2010


I hope you did your 67 minutes!

July 14, 2010

Just drink your pink martini

give 'em a hand.

"An African nation scored the first goal in the first
World Cup held in an African nation."


Community service vibe, down at a school. Telling them about photography! Yay!

July 9, 2010

feeling it!

Cape Town on Tuesday (6th) for the Netherlands & Uruguay match. Probably one of the best days and nights of my little life! It was the last match in Cape Town, the semi-final and we really ended it off with a bang. I have never seen such an array of different people, cultures and languages under one 'so-called' roof. Besides being hit on by countless tipsy celebrating Dutch it was very much fun. Everywhere you looked were people. It was GREAT! I am trying to write a lengthy essay here but, obviously, am finding it rather hard. No words, or quantity of words for that matter, can describe the goings-on in the last month. It has given me new eyes and a fresh stance, but some things stay the same; like my love for this country. Right now I'm LOL'ing at my lameness and cliched vibe, but the point is simple, I love this place. Straight forward. There you go.

So everyone's real sad and feeling a little depressed and equally as deprived of football, suffering from a 'World Cup hangover'. And everyone's like, 'ah, how will I ever get over this?'. Then there's some silence, and a little more for good measure and some one will say, 'It's alright! We'll just bid for the Olympics now!'

I love you South Africa, always have, always will.