December 20, 2009

nuova fotocamera - I've got to get clever

(We've all got the disease to please, we've all got the shutterbug fever.)

So, I got a new camera (as a gift actually) and I'm pretty excited about the prospect.

December 3, 2009

mystica! (One day I did this)

One day I had a very profound thought. One day I wanted to take all of the days' events, trials and tribulations and stick them in my pocket and guiltily unravel my pleasures later, perhaps when I would tell of the days' stories. But, I have been told and informed by more than one man on several occasions, that not all memories are pocket-size and fit into tiny shorts and labeled as easy-to-store. That is why we have the eyes we do.
One day I had a profound thought.

What it is though, is mine, and mine alone.
Memories might not fit in my pockets alone, but my secrets lie tightly squeezed between time-pieces and paper scraps and do not escape, or roam, or leave, to see the round world one inch at a time.

One day, we went to town. It was a lovely day out and the weather was grand. I showed a funny little Australian girl (that I love) around and about, and she seemed to enjoy my tour speech. She found it both informative and humorous. At least I hope she did.

The sky was so bright, it was like it was smiling. Just for us. On that day. It was bright, like these sweets we saw in a colourful shop that smelt very nice.

One day, there were interesting people in the windows' of shops. We acted like little 'peeping Tom's' and took funny photographs of them. They looked at us strange, as seen below, but they didn't really mind when we told them they looked really cool and artistic. Then they smiled and waved us off as we headed into another direction.

The museums are a fun place to 'hang'. They have really neat old stuff that are shiny.

The coolness continued. We saw some dead, stuffed Guinea Fowl and had a little giggle. To be honest, up close it's not as humorous as it is when captured on camera.

It looks like a fine place to abide and spend your hours.

We grew tired for a moment and took a seat on a park bench. It was not long until we were off adventuring again.

While strolling thoughtfully through the gardens of the museum, we came across the residents. We giggled again because they reminded us of ourselves. They were so sweet that I took a snap.

One day became one evening, and then night turned into midnight and the rest is history but accurately, it's the future in the past.
We ended off at Mystics where we met with El. We acted like real girls and took pictures in the bathroom. They shouldn't make such cool looking bathrooms if that wasn't the whole point of them. Also, El and I realised our hair looked really good, so we took a photograph. Stuff like that's worth recording.

December 1, 2009

This is how I see it

I listen to Fiona Apple 'til I fall into a slumber then I dream fast & steady of better days with fancier shoes on my cute little toes.
This is how I see it.
Always have, and the thought that I always will does not seem to disturb.
I wanted a lot of material
I wanted a lot of material things
I needed the material to make up my canvas
Now that that it is done, I need to paint it.
I want them to know
That I'm going to come
Whether it be now, tomorrow or following year.
Though now I'd like to report
That this suit I've so stylishly made for me and my friends
Is digging itself straight into the ground
And that fact is so far from the truth
Birds in Denver can hear it.
Half the time my mind is a blur
And the other half it's writing mathematical equations.
However hard and tough things seem to get, the more I am prone to think:
How now I am,
Finally feeling the stitching of beautiful seams.

November 19, 2009

little treasures

'I remember you.'

'I teach you.'

'I love you.'

'I interest you.'

'I see you for what you really are.'

'I confuse you.'

'I see you.'

'I dance with you.'

'I touch you.'

'I feel you.'

'I capture you.'

'I relax you.'

'I smile with you.'

'I look unto the world with you.'

'I'll miss you.'