December 16, 2013


Super fun, cheeky little roadtrip up to Paternoster, West Coast last month. Lots of shells, lots of jam, lots of laughs, lots of sun.

December 12, 2013


Yesterday Cape Town paid respects and said goodbye to easily one of the most remarkable men and hands down greatest leader of the 20th century: Nelson Mandela. Emotions were running high and at times I was torn between crying and laughing. As we stepped out onto the field, 'My African Dream' rang out over the crowd, the source of the melody being a small but fierce African mama on stage. Instant goosebumps. This is why I love being South African. Such a great collective of people and emotions brought together by one fantastic man in life and now, death. I can't describe in words nor do these photographs do the day justice. Thank you Madiba - may you sleep soundly now. 

December 10, 2013


This year at Synergy:
PH Fat, dancing with ½ of Stone Age Citizens (but, of course, no photographic proof), Matty winning at being the drunkest bitch in the joint (love you), enjoying carnival rides for the first time since '04, sleeping with nothing on except mascara, Sex on the Beach (good one, Mainstay!) and just generally being in the wind for the entire weekend. Memorable stuff.

Got to catch up with my ladies. Always a treat.