January 30, 2011

oh, this enigma

//April says: Sometimes I think that cats are more emotionally apt than humans.

I'm feeling like I want more, of everything. Like, of you.

January 17, 2011

postcards & parchment

+ Maria Austria

+ Maria Austria

+ Allard Bovenberg

+ Frans Dupont

+ Boticcelli

January 12, 2011

mind wrestling in the PM

Tonight is the night! 
And, believe you me this is not some corny inner monologue about the awesome cool nightlife in Stellenbosch around this time of year, yes, most definitely not. In fact, this is THE night because of the simple, yet rather daunting reality, that tonight is the eve of my return to school and the beginning of my final year at the College.

The last month and a bit has definitely been one of the best times of my little life. I've learned extensive amounts and grown leaps, too (both emotionally and physically - Jessica Jones has got an inch more on her in the skyward direction and she likes it!)
I have had crazy amounts of fun but now (anti-climax) it is time to put on my serious hat:

Oh, um, yeah. Nevermind. No one can ever be taken seriously in that hat... Okay, so it's clear I can't be incredibly, nauseatingly serious about this upcoming year.
But, perhaps that's not such a bad thing. I mean, this year is busy and crazy and all over the place (this is beginning to sound like my Facebook profile page) but there really is no use getting stressed and nervous for the future.

On a more upbeat note, here are some odds and ends from the past three months or so. Enjoy!