September 5, 2011

Tasty Sauce

(this isn't a Satanic statement, I swear it!)

Living for the 21st - OH EM GEE!

Had the loveliest little rendezvous with Mims and my new friend Dante in Strand on late Saturday afternoon! Seriously need to do it again - next time, with a little alcohol (please). Nothing nasty, just a lemonade and vodka, pleeeease!

Anyway, as mentioned above, I cannot wait until September 21st - the eve of Peg'leg's big eighteenth celebration! Should be a right raucous night :)

Watched Hitchcock's 'The Birds' on my Friday night (very riveting Friday I'll have you know, you gotta love them exams). Anyway, ignoring the unsettling-ness (new word?) of it as well as the ridiculous 1963 film special effects, it was actually a very cool (although lengthy) classic piece of motion picture. I suggest you put aside two hours and watch The Birds, culture yeself a little will ye?!

 ------------------ ▲▼ ------------------

Totally reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang now - just wish I had more time (bloody exams, grrr!)

...I'm complaining way too much in this post,
I'm off


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