February 26, 2013


Hello friends!

I made this little collage with all cool things I found on the interweb as well as a colour wheel I made myself :)
This is part of inspiration for my new blog, Nancy Ever After, which is a showcase of all my term's work for Costume, Make-Up and Styling at AFDA Cape Town. Look at the cool header Matty made me! Please please please check it out and show all your friends! I promise it won't be a lame school blog!

Have a great day - lots of love!

February 24, 2013



I've been hellish scarce and I apologise, blog! 
I thought it appropriate to add some pretty terrible pictures since I've been so terrible. More to follow soon, promise! 

Right now I'm back off to completing college homework and trying to hustle some cash so that I can visit Europe again this summer!

Have a beautiful, relaxing Sunday - xx