February 2, 2012


Oh my goodness, words cannot describe the feelings of withdrawal I have felt in the last ten days or so! My computer is completely fahked - meaning I can't do a thing! Uploading photographs has proven to be a royal mission consisting of constant reminders of how I've over indulged in free disk space (well, I'm very sorry Mr. MacBook) 

Anyway, as fortune would have it I have a WONDERFUL grandfather that has decided to treat Miss. Jones to a brand new iMac, out of the box and into my little clutches! Boy, but I am a lucky girl. 

Of course (because life is ironic this way) these past ten days have been filled with so much life, death (unfortunately), memories, excitement, FOMO, goodbyes, music, job proposals, events, boys, flowers, cake and a myriad of dramatic disclosures. I have so many photographs to share with you all - just hang on for another day or two! Also; if you have gotten this far, reading my rants, I applaud and thank you. Sometimes I wonder why I write so much on my blog - I never read more than a paragraph on other blogs! 

Here are some tasty little things I'm liking a lot at the moment:
+ I went to the MET!

+ aaaah Audrey, I love ye!

+ Gene Kelly

+ this very happy, very young picture of me ON A BEACH!

+ my dear friend Dante's new, blogspot blog! Follow!

+ Cameo Lover by Kimbra

+ Pa Pa Power by Dead Man's Bones


I hope to see you all in buzzing Stellenbosch town this weekend for all the university festivities! I sincerely hope to stealthily score a glass of wine from at least ten of you! :D


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