February 12, 2012



Such an immense shock hearing about the passing of a much loved individual, Cole Wickham, early yesterday morning. It's obvious you went far too soon - you will be sorely missed for sure. 

I will always remember our fun times in drama class, Mr. Alpaca and the way you always called me Tupac. The funny way you said Niskerone and how you promised you wanted more than anything to have a Mystics jam with me. History Tour and the time we got drunk in a Moscow hotel lobby and you just incessantly claimed you 'liked my vibe' while I chanting of how cool you were, the impeccably well dressed young man. The manner in which you and Daniel would tease me about certain boys and how I told you I never kiss and tell. I know it to be of no consolation, but at least as is you get to be forever young. I think you actually told me once that you'd sleep when you were dead - well, in that case, sleep tight darling Cole. Be seeing you,x

Here's just a short montage of our time on History Tour last year March:

Also, farewell to another legend: Whitney Houston. Heavy days this past weekend has been; hopefully this upcoming week will be a little more joyous. Love to you all.