October 27, 2011


Ah, 'Howlin' For You' by The Black Keys is the very first song on my very first 'drive-by mix(x)' - so amped! Went for my first (a lot of 'firsts' today!) Thug Life drive-by today with my El. Suburban Knights hit it up well up in the suburbs, ending it off with some cola drinking at Mystics and some tea-buying at Spar. AH YEAH. Anyway, all was filmed, so a wee short film of the awesomeness will be airing soon! 

Pictured second is me in my signed shirt from school. Got some lovely messages - thanks all! I particularly like Chris C's message addressed to a certain 'beautiful girl' and Chris T's depiction of my hairstyle - classic. 

Have a lovely evening kids - stay young, beautiful and stupid :)