October 11, 2011


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Upon a little research I happened by this yesterday afternoon, I discovered some excellent significances of the bluebird. The image on the right is, of course, a bluebird, a somewhat mythical and enchanting little thing.

More importantly though, is the apparent significance of a dead bluebird. This may sound a little off kilter and I am well aware the week has just begun, but hear this out. "In magical symbolism...A dead bluebird is a symbol of disillusionment, of the loss of innocence, and of transformation from the younger and naive to the older and wiser." I agree scores with this and seem to find it incrediby apt given the past week's events. It's been a rough one that has made me want to say (on more than one occasion) a resounding: "rough rhymes, tough times". I realise that, in this context, this simple statement makes limited sense. However difficult the last few days have been I comprehend that a little shift should occur and therefore I say: "c'est la vie". Which - for all you gits who do not enjoy the tasty treats the French have to offer the dry and dull Englishmen - means: "such is life". I am therefore now applying 'The Power of 'Pish-Posh'" to my life - a much needed addition, this Miss. Jones is just too sensitive!

Simply put (and with want of better words),
For realz!
My beliefs as well as my complete and utter hatred for prejudice have been confirmed in a big way recently. This sounds so cliched but I really do mean it one hundred percent. I really cannot (and will not) fraternise with unjust and unfair people. As like any old body I've been disillusioned here and there, but I'm posting this post, releasing this into the universe, hoping you all will take what you say into account and realise that there are always (mostly always anyway) people behind those cruel words uttered. Easier said than done, I know (history clearly proves this), but still, if it is at all possible we should just effing love each other. But, like I mentioned before; 'such is life' - this isn't a reflection on me and my beliefs and morals but instead just highlighting the other person's lack of respect for anyone that does not fit their convoluted idea of a 'descent' person. I won't say much more, but I will say this: karma's a bitch.

I find it incredibly apt that at my primary school reunion yesterday morning I returned to my first grade classroom where my teacher was, and still is, widely revered for her amazing face painting skills. I was dotted here and there, but I'd like to think my painted face resembled very much the so-called 'star' of this post: the bluebird :) 

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So I've just discovered that I have been featured on this very cool site called 'Between 10 and 5'. Click here to view my feature. Thank you!


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  1. A brilliant post, shrewdly encapsulating a vivid walk-through of a worldview we should all learn to embrace. Jolly good show Miss Jones.