October 16, 2011


Terrifically busy weekend that has left me spectacularly exhausted - all in time for my big drama recital tomorrow evening. PERFECT.

I can't complain though - I actually did have a wonderful weekend. Started off with the institution that is the Mystics 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Halloween party on Friday and ended off with a surprisingly fun 40th birthday party last night. In between all the mucking about, wine drinking and cat-dressing up'ing, my nerves have proven raw after all the drama practical rehearsing.

Seeing that October is the month for all things spooky, odd and bizarre I've (aptly) named these pictures 'Faux Witch'. We all know I love a good dress-up, and ten or so years ago I wasn't much different:

<--- That sexy thang next to me would be no other but El'cat - WE'RE ONE SEXY DUO (even when we were six)

Anyway, I met the talented Andrew Brauteseth of guywithcamera last night, who, firstly, stole one of my amazing quotes and secondly, made me dance like a mad thing all night - my feet curse you and your wily ways.

Enjoy your Sunday evening - all the best for the upcoming week! Loves,x

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