August 25, 2011

Lady in the Water

Not feeling particularly moody or sad - as these pictures might suggest. 
However, today was on the odd side of things (but this I don't really mind after all) 
For some reason these photographs remind me of an M. Night Shyamalan (pronounced: shamamakshdldndjdjdlda) film, hence the name 'Lady in the Water'. 

 Enjoy them - be seeing you!

+ NEWS! Totally going for my first astrology reading tomorrow - stay posted for upcoming info on that. Should be interesting, should it not? 

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"Cruisin' at 15km/h round this town. Thug life, bitchez"
Went for an excellent 'drive-by' round old Stellenbosch town yesterday afternoon/early evening with my favourite gangster the El'cat. Must admit, (and this is lame as hell) but I am just infatuated with the fact that we can now drive around and moan about our mums (sorry!) WITHOUT THEM BEING IN THE CAR! It blows my mind! Whining just got mobile, kids!

+ My ten-year-old cousin getting GANSTAAA

Our revolution is a-spreadin', El!