August 30, 2011

centaurs & other impossible things

I feel like I'm beginning to start every post with a 'craziest week!' kind of comment, or a remark most definitely derived from something to that effect.
But, I fear, it is the truth you see. Mock exams started (officially) yesterday but I've been in that grumpy mood that tends to be synonymous with exam time for probably close to two weeks now. At this time I am just a JOY to live with. Truly.

+ Incredibly and unbelievably happy that my mock drama practical exam is done and dusted as of last night. Was actually a vaguely enjoyable evening I might even say. Nothing better than flapping about like a mad thing on stage now is there?
(We acted like birds)
What can I say? Performance arts - shit gets weird! It's safe to say I will never be the same bashful lass I was three years ago.

Anyway, these pictures are some follow-ups to those previously posted. I don't want to say anything more 'cause shit tends to get a little awkward when you're half naked prancing about like a Greek mythological creature. Or is it just me?

Have a great week, minions! Meeeow! (Because my animal spirit is a cat, kids)


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