August 21, 2011

I dare you to...

I think people should speak their minds more often.
Especially when it comes to validation - that's all anyone wants, pretty much ever. Validation within a work environment, a 'job well done' from your boss or a 'your hair looks pretty like that' from a friend. I think everyone should begin to make a conscious effort to validate some one spectacular TODAY - might be too late tomorrow. I dare you to tell some one the truth (it's bound to come out one way or another - although, sometimes it's good to be blatant about things... ask the Germans)

Well aren't I philosophical this evening? Haha. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I know I did. Had a lot of fun with El'cat, Peg'leg, Mims, Stefan, John and the works. A job well done for a great Saturday night, brothers :) SEE, VALIDATION IS KEY! That rhymes, too!

Enjoy this upcoming week (if at all possible) and remember a dare is a dare!


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