May 8, 2011

this panda sh-sh-sh-shakes!

                       // Some of my favourite shots from Saturday night. Was a rather fun night at Mystics if I may say so! These are all courtesy of our very own paparazzo, Mia le Roux :D

Happy mothers day to my mum, very special woman, close to my heart! 

I, however, am off to bed now. Matric dance date-less and bloody exhausted from not enough sleep last night (thank you to Mia for stealing the duvet so my feet got cold as well as for your excellent biting spree at two this morning!)

Very cool jamming with El'cat, Mims, Chris (x2), AB, Michael, cool waiter from sushi place that swore a lot (neat!) etc. No squid fingers though, boohoo haha.

'You are such a tease!'