May 26, 2011


                           // So glad I have the day off tomorrow!
PLUS, my darling Peg'leg is returning home from boarding school in Durban..wait for it... FOREVER! So so happy to have my beautiful friend back in the Cape :D

Exams start with a bang on Monday, not ecstatically beside myself with that prospect but we'll deal. From there it's all down hill I'm afraid. June is proving to be an impossible month for Jones. 

Let's break it down:
1. Exams
2. Stellenbosch University Access Tests
Duh duh duh duuuuuuh,
3. Driver's

My my, rough stuff. However, I've got a myriad of wonderful Bloc Party tracks to pull me out of my wallow-ful state and into a mood resembling something a little more uplifting.

This whole 'putting-pictures-together-and-rotating-em' thing is obviously something I like to do lately. Lolz, it brings out the absolute best regarding my Photoshop skillz (yes, skills with a 'z') - which, as we all know are very limited. EXHIBIT A ↑



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