May 22, 2011

dinner with dark

                            // Interesting week this has been,
School was lame besides the fact that it was artz week this past week which made for some entertaining shenanigans.

I want to say a big up especially to all the 'battle of the bands' contestants because I think performing arts are not for the fainthearted at all! Those kids in grade eight blew my mind, truly. I think it's super cool how industrious kids are these days, I  mean, when I was thirteen/fourteen I frequently played dress-up (I still do though, so this is irrelevant) and often attempted doing my own hairdressing stints on myself which I wish were a little less memorable. However, the point of the matter is that at that tender age I wasn't starting bands, writing songs about my love life and performing them to a sea of faces. No, I sat at home every weekend enjoying the movie specials on etv (yes, I do not have dstv).


I'd love to read tarot cards and play the harp!

+ subjects: Ellen Agnew & Jessica Jones

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