May 29, 2011

beautiful eyes

+ weeping rose

                   // Before I scurry off to go do something of actual substance, I'll summarise the last few days.

In one word? 

Friday - like I mentioned in a previous post - saw the return of Peggy de Villiers to glorious Cape Town and the beginning of many many good times :D 
It was my bestest of best friends' birthday yesterday and she turned the big one eight. She was kind enough to let me tag along to the mother city to visit Charly's Bakery to pick up her magnificent cake and then onto the National Museum to view the current Tretchikoff exhibition which is something I highly recommend you do for general perusal and mind gym (art is fun!) 
Skelmbos lived up to its name last night (or we lived up to the name, I forget). However it transpired to be one for the books. 


Just had to get that out of my system...

                Loves! x!

+ For more information about the current Tretchikoff exhibition click here.

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