May 17, 2011


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                       // My mum calls it the 'bad dragon', that thing, in your subconscious, lurking around telling you horrible things incessantly like you're not good enough, pretty enough, charming enough (you get the idea) until, unfortunately you give in to it and start believing its wily ways. 

Well, I let my 'bad dragon' win on Friday evening. And have felt it a creepin' up all week until this afternoon in fact, when driving in an old mercedes-benz round town - that I'm wondering if my 'steppino'* is actually allowed to be driving because we don't know who it belongs to. Anyway, when Greed by a certain Yoav started playing on the radio, I will admit the crafty means music gets under ones skin performed a miracle work on me today. AND THANK GOODNESS FOR IT.

∴I would like to report that a particular Miss. Jones is back in business.

[*steppino is a name my mum's partner calls himself. He claims it is his special Italian way to describe himself as my stepfather.]