November 14, 2011


If these don't spell out a resounding 'cabin fever', I don't know what will!

Immensely pleased to announce that I wrote my final Biology paper today - no more testes (in that context, anyway) and endocrine system for me! I wish I could say my experiences in the Biology class proved that I am more than just a pretty face, however, my escapades with test tubes and numerous hours in front of books yielding no such conclusion. Therefore, to wave goodbye to that very miserable part of my life is well deserving of a 'hooray!' 

Seeing that I am the unmistakable resident 'Cat Lady', I find it my pleasure, nay duty, to share with you this fabulous little gem I recently discovered from watching a show on television about Aspidistra nursery. The third picture from the bottom, shows my new 'garden' and, as it seems, 'snack bar' for my delectable Nougat (my cat companion... Although the actual food is also quite delicious). It's made up of three utterly delightful cat treats; catnip, cat grass and cat mint. Each with it's own unique effect on your feline - my favourite is, of course, the catnip that appears to put Nougat into such a daze that I often find him lying next to his 'stash', spreadeagled and enormously merry. I have since resorted to naming his little garden 'The Chronic Lady'.

I hope bitches are happy, :D
Stay young, beautiful and stupid. 


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