November 20, 2011

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Does listening to Cold War Kids count for studying History? A a a h, effing thought not.

I watched a very cool film on TCM (my channel, yo) yesterday morning. It was called 'The Unfinished Dance' and it was released in 1947 (hence, the post title). The women are - naturally - stunners and it's all about ballet so I was hooked. I'm almost certain 'Black Swan' took a few notes from this film. I'd love to - in the near-near future - do a shoot with ballerinas. If you are one, please let me know, and drop me a mail please? :D

Anyway, here are a couple of photographs from the last day or so. Notice my impeccable eyebrows - sculpted to perfection?! Very proud of those :)

Have a lovely Sunday,x!

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