November 1, 2011


I so badly wanted to thieve this beautiful Red Indian head-piece from The Red Robins shoot on Friday - how neat is it?! Anyway, I resisted my thieving compulsion and instead left the shoot with three more people in my car and a pair  of very filthy feet. STORY OF MY LIFE.

Happy first day of the month, everyone! N(m)ovember already - can you believe it? Ai ai. I've already had to force down quite a considerable amount of vomit due to being bombarded by Christmas shizz in all the shops already. I do love Christmas, but when I'm faced with nativity scenes and tiny lopsided angels six months prior to the whole shindig, it peeves me off just the slightest. 

Oh! Please please please would you all be so kind as to vote for my blog as part of this year's SA Blog Awards as 'Best Photographic Blog'? Thank you! Just click on the SA Blog Awards badge at the top right and enter your email and all, as it asks. Click on the confirmation link in the email and hear my little voice saying: 'thanks kid, you've done good' in your ear, alright? Alright!