November 3, 2011


So I wrote my very first final (how's that for juxtaposing) exam yesterday and, because it happened to be English, I've subsequently discovered one of the things I hold dear and I simply love very much. My all time favourite mistake people make when either under severe stress or trauma or just if you happen to be Peggy de Villiers is: malapropism. It's positively sweet and I sometimes even do it myself. My mother reminds me - on a regular basis - how I used to proclaim, with complete and utter conviction mind you, that: "That Arab's turbine is just splendid!" I'm sure you understand what's wrong there and also - I hope you've picked up - my inclination toward Arab fashions. Along with the actual mistake, I find it leg-kickingly hilarious to picture an Arab (in fact, any old body) with an enormous wind-charged instrument situated on top of their heads.

I completely forgot to blog about this earlier this week but I just want to say a hefty 'interweb well done' to my girl Ellen who, found out earlier this week that she has been accepted to study Fine Arts at Stellenbosch - so proud! My partner in being 'young, beautiful and stupid' as well as my 'interweb-riotz- peer - adrenaline was pumping heavy times when we verbally abused some tool on Facebook the other day, haha. 

History awaits (more juxtapositionzzz!), I must go and tend to the books! Bye! 
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