October 7, 2010

jambo brothers and the works

Just got back from Zanzibar! It's starting to annoy me now how well traveled I have become... And that's not vain at all! After two weeks away from the hustle bustle of Cape Town (even though it's considered rather slow compared to Jo'burg, them Jozi's are just jealous, I'd say!) and one mammoth wait at the Nairobi International Airport I've hit the ground running, so to say, planning my upcoming exhibition on the 21st. With some internet connection here and there in Zanzibar I managed to send out a couple invites on the likes of facebook and some by word-of-mouth but, needless to say, with these types of ventures extra time and effort is always a handy trait therefore, I've probably bitten off way more than I can chew but than again, I guess that's just my style.

Pictures of Zanzibar to follow soon.
Keep ye posted! OUT.