October 9, 2010


// I've decided to have an exhibition of my work (photography if ya'll didn't know) about some of the pretty neat places I have been fortunate enough to go to. Includes stuff from Havana, Buenos Aires, Zanzibar, The Greek Isles and Istanbul and just any old place where I have happened to find myself in. //

So I've been speaking/typing away about my exhibition for a while now and here it is, finally, my invitation! Everyone is welcome to come and bring as many others as they want. There will be a cash bar and live music on the evening as well as a really cool draw that if you come you stand a chance of winning. Unique limited edition t-shirts will also be on sale on the evening so be sure to make it down to Stellenbosch on the 21st!
If you would like to attend and you haven't received an email invite or a Facebook event invitation please mail me at crazedshutterbugs@gmail.com to RSVP, if you do so I will also send you a map to the venue for easy-findings!

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