October 22, 2010

Exhibition: Adolescent at Large


I haven't posted in a while and I apologise sincerely. Truth is, I have been way busy and have had literally no time for myself!
So, last night was my exhibition (Adolescent at Large) and if it isn't too vain I'd like to say that it was a super neat night. Thanks to LA.VI for some really top notch music and everyone else who helped make it all possible, you did a grand job!
From now on on Crazed, a page will be solely dedicated to all my work that can be made into tangible canvas prints by order. If you would like to order something please do not hestitate to ask, just email me at jesskj@mweb.co.za.

ALSO; if you were present last night, unique limited edition t-shirts were also on sale. These are t-shirts with prints of my photographs on them. A page for that will soon follow as well for the order of those.

Have a lovely day! x.

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