September 24, 2010

KO on the bathroom floor!

I've just done my four days of job shadowing for school (at least I'll pass Matric Life Orientation now, that's good news right?) and this evening I'm off to Zanzibar, yo! As you can tell, I've also started using 'yo' a lot, at the ends of sentences, yo. Sorry I had to. Anyway, I went to One Small Seed magazine for my job shadowing and yesterday could not have been a better way to end off my experience, so to say. I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but yes, I did call Jax Panik to ask if he'd come to the launch of the first print edition of Picture This, the photography magazine, which I'm in too. Yes, that happened! Also, 'ending off the day/week' so to say with Giuseppe buying the whole team shots at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, was quite an experience to say the least. Besides other job shadowing girls going missing and various expletives being tossed around the air like confetti at a Greek wedding it was very, very cool! And, to sound suuuper corny and lame, I would just like to say that I did in fact learn a lot. I was told that I'm probably too shy for this field of work, my shy habits also being something I know about all too well, but I'm okay with it because if I see how far I've come in the confidence department, I'm doing okay.
Lastly, this experience got me all fired up and inspired, I suppose, to do more with what I have. Meaning, a lot of new and exciting (I hope) feature-y thingys are coming! So stay posted, yo! This 'yo' thing, aaaah, it's staring to annoy me now! Haha.

So it would only be fitting if I signed off this post like I signed off all my phone calls I had to do when calling to invite people to the Picture This launch,
'Thank you so much for your time, I hope you have a FABULOUS day further! Goodbye!'

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  1. you got to talk to Jax Panik :/
    sooo lucky.
    my job shadowing experience now seems so lame in comparison!
    well amped for new stuff though,
    go Jessica :D