September 20, 2010

teenage wasteland

'what ye gonna do with your life?'

// 'teenage wasteland' is a new initiative started by me, that my friends have subconsciously been involved in too haha. This is a new series of works, if you will, that follows the lives of adolescent life in Cape Town and beyond all borders. Contradictory to its name, 'teenage wasteland' is to prove how our generation is exactly not that, wasted. Obviously wasted can have a double meaning, but the one we're going for is the 'we-aint-gonna-sit-back-and-watch-life-happen-to-us!' one, you know? If it were the wasted in the hangover, happy-hour-gone-bad, kinda way it would make no sense, you can fill in the gaps on that one. Anyway, more of this to come soon, also a page devoted solely to 'teenage wasteland' will go up in a short while on the right hand side of the page, so keep a look out for that.

This shoot's subject is the lovely Mia le Roux. //


  1. Love these and Mia rock!

  2. haha.
    I'm just SOOOOOOO graceful when climbing up a tree, jeez.