September 25, 2012


Roughly two weeks into a trip of any kind in one given place tends to mean you start noticing the less obvious, and begin taking note of the more intricate. Finer details become more apparent as one's initial travel trepidation becomes less so. I have just a few things that I can recall and relay onto you now. Here goes:

One of my favourite "details" is so simple and ridiculously irrelevant that I must just share it. This wave of nonchalant curiosity that rises up when investigating the way the oil and cream separate in a butter chicken masala curry; making the oil slicks look like islands in a red sea is fascinating. I think it has hallucinogenic qualities (but maybe that's just the deliciousness of the meal itself).

The confusing, and equally as endearing, way the teacher simultaneously nods AND shakes her head in response to any question uttered in English. You have to be brave to ask things in this country - it can get to become a very mystifying experience. Perhaps humbling. 

The thin film of dust that collects on top of Western food products' packaging. Maybe they just haven't discovered the genius that is Nutella or the sense of satisfaction that French cream cheese provides. When I was thirteen I ate too much two-minute noodles. Sometimes - and I'm ashamed to say it - I ate them raw, straight out of the packet. This is a "delicacy" here. When I was offered a handful in class the other day I couldn't help but feel nostalgic. 

The frustrating and eery way in which a black dog followed me around for two days straight. I even, at one point, thought perhaps I should stop wearing perfume, thinking that possibly this was the cause for my new, unwanted admirer. Then I remembered I'm Miss. Jones. The perfume stays. 

The adorable way in which all 's' sounds are magically transformed to a more cushy and soft 'sh'. Hearing a chorus of "Mish Jesh! Mish Jesh!" is edible. I smile every time.

I made a little short film to sum up the past two weeks. Hope you enjoy it:


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