September 20, 2012


There is a poem somewhere by some one (as most poems usually are) that talks about how you tell more to strangers sometimes then your own friends. Human nature. And - above all - true.

I met Izzy (another Australia friend - one to add to my growing collection), and spent exactly one week together with her. It's crazy to think that in seven days you can form a friendship but perhaps I underestimate my ability to make friends (I'm shy so I often do this).

This poem - origins still unable to recall - also states something about how in a chaotic and sometimes darn right miserable world it's simple things that make the whole ordeal worthwhile. Sharing a hotel room in a foreign city with a virtual stranger, laughing and sharing anecdotes and stories, is one such example. One her last day in Nepal, Izzy got the word 'peace' tattooed on her hip in Nepalese. What a great way to remember someone by. 

Also; Izzy had a Polaroid camera - how could I not like her?!

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