July 17, 2012


Vienna seems like the kind of city my grandmother would love. But here's the catch: I loved it too. 

Such a great place with a wonderful energy. My adoration extends as on the day of my visit the city is alive with rainbow coloured flags and interestingly clad men and women. Gay pride parade. The night before I gorged myself on cinnamon sprinkled miniature doughnuts and the biggest and most embarrassing fluff ball of bright pink candy floss at Prater amusement park. The next evening was just as interesting. A large group of us followed a man in a monkey suit, easily taller than 6 feet, to a club in the notorious "Bermuda Triangle" party district. Sangria on tap.

Mozart, royalty, music, pianos, Swarovski, roller-coasters, ferris wheels, lights, trees, parks, statues and shopping. A must-see city.

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