July 11, 2012



Florence is the opposite of 'cool, calm and collected'. Manic streets, so much to see, take in, discover. The Uffizi eluded me. The leather goods too. But one thing that didn't evade Miss. Jones; the gelati. Also; a club called Space Electronico Discoteque. It sounds about as hilarious as it was. The bar was a fish tank, there was a 'best boobs' contest going on and they played Nicki Minaj 'Starships' on loop I'm sure. Basically Dante's wet dream. 

Up next, we were onto the mythical City of Seven Hills; Rome.
Incredibly easy to fall head over heels for. The city of the Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain, more nuns per capita than anywhere else in the world, buskers, history, popes and the setting for some of my favourite films like Nine and Roman Holiday. I made three wishes in the Trevi Fountain, here's to hoping they all come true (a return visit to this city of all cities one of the three, of course).

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