January 6, 2012


Just got back today from a wonderful little week long stay in Pringle Bay with my best friend El'cat and her family. 

A happy new year to you all! 
I hope your New Years Eve was exciting and all kinds riveting - of course, just as I believe this upcoming year will be for you all. 

Mine was surprisingly fun (however, I still find it difficult to fathom that I spent my last minutes of 2011 and first of 2012 in a crummy Pringle Bay bar aptly nicknamed 'the gat'). Following this, an eventful clamber down to the beach at approximately 3AM; a confusing champagne drinking escapade with a white Maltese poodle; four unusually casual beach-streakers; one very large campfire and a whole lot of pretending I was from Brighton, England (don't ask). 

I very much enjoyed getting to know Jack Agnew - guy's such a thug, apparently Just Another Contract Killer. I particularly have fond memories of Monday or Tuesday night's 'unfoldings' (aaah, can't remember the exact day - holiday mush): it kind of went a little like Lana del Rey's 'Born to Die', yeah, pretty cool. Cooler still, we were almost gobbled up by wild leopard while nonchalantly overlooking "illegal" fishing practices. Naturally, the scene was topped with some Jamie T bellowing out of the Paper Jet's sound system in that sweet little Wimbledon way of his.

All in all a wonderful little seaside vacation :D 

I have but one thing to wish you (especially the girls) for this new and exciting year, and it goes a little something like this:
"May each new year find you a better man and may each passing day be an opportunity for you to share a little piece of your soul with the world. Cheers to another year of enchanting your motherfucking socks off"

(Love you all)