January 8, 2012



Trending in the life of Jones at the moment:
+ My dear friend's blog (My Soapbox - M. Christian Smith)
+ Shirley Bassey (what a woman!)
+ Cecil Beaton's "The Art of the Scrapbook":

+ Millennium Trilogy
+  Rediscovering my love for my Converse All Star sneakers! I feel so cute and thirteen-ish again! 
+ My newly decorated Filofax/diary 
+ These green Kurt Geiger shoes:
+ Not feeling at all mortified while plenty of men loaded on the back of a bakkie stare amusingly at me as "Gold Digger" plays at an astronomical pitch while I wait like a THUG at a red light
+ American Horror Story (The boy below is also not so harsh on the eyes, yaknowwhati'msayin'):

+ Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation:
+ Midnight swims at Nicola's amazing house!
+ Twitter! Follow me!

Hope your Sunday is as 'mishmashy' as mine has been thus far :)

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