December 16, 2011



1. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
2. The Horrors - Still Life 
3. Little Dragon - Ritual Union
4. Bruno Mars - Marry You 
5. Jay-Z - 99 Problems 
6. The Pierces - You'll Be Mine
7. Noah & The Whale - Five Years Time
8. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
9. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up

------------------ ▲▼  ------------------

Amazing day & night spent in the beautiful Mother City with my four favs - El'cat, Mia, Gavin and Dante. My first time driving in the big city, and I'm proud to say it didn't go all too badly haha. An interesting night ensued, consisting of (if I can properly recall) a stint in The Waiting Room, a dash in and out of Long Street Adult World, four counts of cocaine merchants and countless instances of terrible dancing (naturally). El and I managed to keep up foreign accents for the most part of the night, but by about 1AM the slurring had become so bad the actually rather apt Irish and English accents had died a quick death (which lead to much confusion amongst the strangers we'd been talking to for two hours). 

Zimbabwean cab drivers, scraping the dark depths of my handbag for coins to pay for a measly McDonald's cheeseburger, hustling at Assembly, hustling in general (cause I a gangstaaaa), too many nachos for one sitting, copious amounts of white wine, the hustle and bustle of the city and Ellen's dirty bare feet. Excellent.

I trust all of you are having a wonderful day off - be kind to one another!


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