December 20, 2011


These here are just a few snaps from the lovely (or; LUH-LY) Dante's home. 
It is magical in there, I swear it! So much character, so quaint. 

In other news, you will not believe what happened to me yesterday. I managed to get a R300 fine for having no front number plate. Ai ai, the world works in mysterious ways. I will, however, be wriggling myself out of paying that one - thing is, I'm a THUG and thug's don't pay petty tickets no sir. But, to soften the blow, I have now added an ornate Red Indian headdress (which I swear is from the '60s - it almost looks like some one blatantly spilled acid on it) to the menagerie of obscure objects in the back of my car. Excellent.

This now makes the count of bizarre things in my car as follows:
1X oriental fan
1X oversize detective coat
1X pair of black heels
1X sleeping bag (one never knows when you have to pull a Synergy and sleep in your car)
3X trance party flyers 
1X "mixx" for a certain Justus 
and, of course, 1X Red Indian headdress (the star of the Paper Jet show) 

Have a fantastic Tuesday cats,x!

If you're bored - or just feeling cultured and edgy - I got this link from Dante's blog, The Lost Merboy, and it's truly beautiful. Click here to watch this gem.

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