August 1, 2010


So, there's been some drama lately about this very subject, won't name names because I maintain a certain level of class (I'd like to believe, that sounded less vain in my head). Anyway, this obviously got me thinking, like so many things do lately, and I have come to a kind of realisation. Therefore I have a THEORY. Don't you love those!
It goes a little like this.
Basically, everything has been done. Even 'edits' of things or re-makes, have, sorry for you, been done. Thousands of times at that. And even if you haven't seen it, some one most definitely thought it. In an 'industry' (how formal) like this one - and I am speaking of photography - there is a constant battle of 'copycatism'. There are never enough little trademark signs or 'cee's, the cee's!' as my friend calls them which are, for normal people, this: ©.
However depressing this may seem, there is an upside. And in the event that I get to deep and psychological on yo ass, excuse me. Also, excuse me for saying ass, that was uncalled for. Anyway, the thing is we are different. By tiny amounts to astronomical ones, therefore the result will always be different. All of us have our own minds (except that strange bear from Evil con Carne) so we think, act and speak all a little differently too. We have different experiences, for sure, because I don't know how many people have carried a blow up, pool-toy whale all across the mall only to bump into EVERYONE you have ever meet and will meet. Yes, that happened to me. Thinking about that though it didn't inspire me much, in fact I would have liked to forget about it entirely. But, I have a point! I know it I do! We have different reasoning to things and we all question different norms, some of us don't, that's what is so neat.

So the moral of the story is: If you have a really cool new word like 'copycatism' that you would like to use in mid conversation, be really dorky instead and just write a blog post about it!

On the subject of all things original, here is something really unoriginal.

bee-tee-double-u, I didn't take this. I despise sunset&sunrise pictures. Know that.

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